Where is the Largest Zoo in the World

No matter what your heart wants, there is a good chance among its thirty-six acres and over five thousand animals in the zoo in London will have it. The zoo in London has a rich collection of birds, small mammals, bears and hippos, monkeys and apes. Everyone is obliged to fall in love with at least one of the animals they may encounter during the walk around the zoo’s extensive gardens, tunnels and bridges.

First opened in 1828, the London Zoo is the world’s first scientific zoo housing with a variety of exotic animals that have been studied by scientists and were closed off from public view. In 1847, the zoo finally opened to the public which not only become part of the public eye, but rapidly became the most famous zoos in the world.

Zoo in London, along with numerous animals has a variety of programs every day for all visitors to the zoo. If you are planning a trip to the zoo, stop in zoos information centre to see what types of programs are available for your enjoyment during your stay.

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