Wolf Fun Facts

The largest member of the family of wolf is gray wolf, also known as the timber wolf. It originates from Asia and then in Europe and North America, and has possibly shared a common ancestor with the domestic dog.

The gray wolf is now inhabits only a portion of its former range in Europe, Asia and North America, because much of its habitat has been destroyed because it is specifically exterminated by people. Wolves began to re-enter again in some of their former habitat and the gray wolf is not considered to be close to extinction.

Gray Wolves vary in size and, as a rule, larger than the further north. The largest wolf ever recorded was 189 pounds of the former USSR. They hunt from tedious production, they do not kill them faster, and their paws enable them to cope with a variety of surfaces (snow) which is better than most of their predators. Wolves usually live and hunt in packs, although one animal can survive.

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