Volleyball The Best Fun and Healthy Sport

Volleyball is a fun and healthy sport that is particularly enjoys on the beach. It has many health benefits and helps to improve your balance, flexibility, coordination and cardiovascular system. Volleyball can be played with family members, friends, strangers, etc.

Eventually, the whole team becomes a supportive team player, and you get to make new and lasting friends. It doesn’t matter if you are playing volleyball on the beach or in the park, or in the sand, or you are on a competitive team, volleyball enthusiasts have a great love for the game.

Volleyball is a very popular sport, which began in 1895 with the names of teacher, William G. Morgan. He made the sport out of four existing sports namely baseball, tennis, handball and basketball. Morgan picked up a tennis net, increasing its height to six feet, and then began to play with a bunch of people calling it volleyball.

Playing volleyball for 45 minutes each day can give you a great workout and help you burn calories extraordinary. When losing weight, you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension. Cardiovascular and respiratory systems will be stronger and your body will become more supple and comfortable.

Other advantages of this sport include increased energy levels and metabolism, which can help you better endurance. Your hand-eye coordination become stronger and earn good reflexes. With strong bones, joints, as well as a great mental and physical health will have a better and healthier life.

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