Verizon’s Purchase Yahoo for $5 Billion

Verizon today confirmed the purchase of Yahoo! for $4.83 billion, marking the end of an era for the company that once defined the Internet.

Yahoo logo

Internet pioneer Yahoo finally confirmed a deal to sell its main online assets, ending the 20-year run as an independent company. US telecommunications giant Verizon Communications bought the advertising operation and search engine of Yahoo.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said, “Today is a big day for Yahoo. For me personally, I’m planning to stay. I love Yahoo.”


Yahoo is still the main force of the Internet, but it lags behind its competitors in its ability to “monetize” their audience through advertising, which is associated with the processing of clients and other online activities.

The deal marks a sharp decline for Yahoo, one of the most famous names in the Internet age early, which is estimated at more than $100 billion to the dot-com collapse in 2000 and which in 2008, rejected the offer of $44 billion from Microsoft.

The company had a much better chance of survival with Microsoft back in 2008 even LinkedIn got $26.2 billion.

Children will continue to be remembered, Yahoo, as a pioneer, which failed shortly after the bursting of the dot-com burst.

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