All You Need to Know About Venus

Venus is the sixth largest planet in the solar system and second planet from the sun. It is the brightest object in the night sky except the Moon. Venus revolves around the Sun once every 224.7 Earth days and gets as close to the Sun as 107,476 million km and as far from the Sun as 108,942 million km. This makes the orbit of Venus less elliptical and more circular than any other planets.

Venus’s surface temperature can reach upto 740 degrees Kelvin. This is due to a phenomenon called the greenhouse effect, in which the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere of Venus traps heat inside the sun. This makes Venus the hottest planet in the solar system. Venus is even hotter than Mercury, even though its far away from the Sun.

Venus’s diameter is 12,100 km and has a mass of 4.869e+24 kg. This makes Venus similar to Earth and is often called the sister planet of Earth. But the similarity ends there. Venus is that Venus rotates on its axis from east to west, which means that if you lived on Venus, you would see the sun rise in the west and sunsets in the east. These are one of the main differences between the Earth and Venus.

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