What You Need to Know About Synchronized Swimming

Competitions in the Olympic synchronized swimming are a testament to the natural human ability to telepathy. What we find in the colleges and universities of synchronized swimmers by monitoring data of the best athletes in the fact that those teams who have been friends for a long time as it seems, there is a connection of mind, which is much higher than the generally accepted scientific knowledge. Those synchronized swimmers that are twins have even greater advantage, as results show that twins are often some of the best performers in the sport. These observations are obvious and statistically too high to match.

There’s synchronized swimming team of twins from Ohio who are so good, they seem to be linked. Scientists studying the brains of twins think that they are linked or entangled brain advantage. It is not uncommon in the animal kingdom, as many researchers have found with birds, mammals and even fish.

Pulse redundancies nerves seem to indicate telepathy priority to the speed of thought and reaction time may mammals far beyond the value that is an advantage for many friends of time, which may be of the same brain waves and twins, which are not only at the same brain wave, but also seems to have a genetic advantage entanglement.
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