Sunset Photography Tips for Beginners

It seems that everybody loves to look at beautiful sunsets, which is probably why such a sunset photography is a very competitive niche these days. Let’s look at some simple techniques that will help you shoot really stunning sunset images of those who stand out from the crowd.

It is dangerous for the eyes and the camera’s image sensor to point your camera directly at a bright yellow sun. The harmful effects will increase by using a long lens or optical zoom. Play it safe and get a more complete picture of waiting until the sun sank below the horizon or becomes dark red.

Usually the culprit is the automatic white balance of the camera. While human eyes appreciate these brilliant sunset yellows, oranges, purples and blues, automatic white balance of the camera, try to fix them, to dull them down so that they can appear “normal”.

  • If you have manual settings, turn off the auto white balance, and then adjust the white balance on the warm side.
  • If your camera has a setting for color or when shooting from a digital SLR or a DSLR, try a few shots with a red filter, selected or attached.
  • Use landscape mode or automatically, and then use a photo editor to adjust the white balance to reflect the vivid colors.
  • You can also experiment with different exposure settings, or use a photo editor to darker or lighter. Be sure to make changes on copies and not the original!

    Sunset images gallery

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