What are the Good and Bad of Sugar

About Sugar, to eat or not to eat, it is controversial in the past few decades. A careful reading of food labels show that sugar, in all its various forms such as corn syrup, fructose, sucrose, dextrose etc is present in hundreds of products. This makes our consumption of it inevitable and frustrating, if you want to cut down and use it in moderation.

Several years ago, a ground-breaking book called Sugar Blues by William Duffy shocked everyone by asserting that sugar is really addicting drug, much like heroin, that caused connective tissue disease, cavities, cancer, weight gain, diabetes and this has led to age faster . Nevertheless, we need a form of complex sugars & glucose, in order to produce energy that feeds all our body.

Let me share with you some of the things I tell my patients about sugar, its effect on us, and what we can do to stop it for controlling our lives with cravings and sabotage our mood, treatment of disease or weight.

Sugar is produced from sugar cane or sugar beets, so it should be a natural food that is good for you? Not by the time it gets to us in the supermarket. As refined sugar from cane or beet, it is deprived of its vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, whereby only sucrose. People can not fully process the sucrose in this form, and as a result, many metabolic failures occur primarily leaves residual high sugar acid.

White blood cells did not work properly when subjected to higher levels of sugar (acid) environment. Illnesses can get a stronger foothold in us and eventually cause our immune system and make us sick.

A high acidic medium of sugar causes inflammation of the skin and joints and eats collagen connective tissue in the body. When our connective tissues break down, premature wrinkling of the skin occurs, and inflammation of the joints.

Ingestion of large amounts of sugar in the food we eat directly promotes both weight gain and diabetes, creating a condition called insulin resistance – the body has more and more problems with insulin and therefore keeps the body fat, particularly around the waist, where this becomes a problem for the liver and other abdominal organs.

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