Why Stars are Beautiful?

All the stars from the largest to the smallest, are huge boiling raging balls, mostly hydrogen gas. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the nuclear space, as well as the lightest. Our galaxy which is called “The Milky Way Galaxy” is created by billions of stars on fire but most of them do not live alone, but instead formed in binary or multiple star systems near one or more carbonated stellar siblings.

In December 2014, astronomers announced that they have seen the star duo of sisters so close to each other that they will wind up merging into a supermassive star. In fact, this study shows that the most massive stars are born from the merger of smaller stars, as predicted by some theoretical models.

Some of the double or multiple star systems are eclipsing in our galaxy. This system consists of two or more child stars, when viewed from our planet undergo eclipses and transits each other. This is because their orbital plane is facing the Earth.

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