Types of Squirrel and Fun Facts

Squirrels are funny, unique, independent, and basically innocent creatures. They spend their days – starting before dawn and ending in the early evening – trying to find food, and take care not to become food.

There are over 365 species in seven families of squirrels, including the tree squirrel, ground squirrel and flying squirrel. There are squirrels just like mammals for example ground hog, prairie dog and Gopher. Missouri squirrels are mainly of two types: Red Fox squirrels and Gray squirrels.

Fox squirrels are much larger and more chatter than Grays. The latter are fidgety and quarrel more than the Reds, rather than chatter. Gray is the most common type in the US, and, of course, it can not be called old – they are already been around more than 35 million years, so it is not surprising that they are always a scolding.

Squirrel images gallery

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