Secret Facts You Don’t Know About Shadow

All substances cast its own shadow. The brighter the sun, the darker the Shadow. Carl Jung, perhaps the most influential psychologist of the 20th century, spent his entire life working with patients facing any problem. He said: “I know that some of the intimate spiritual life of hundreds of people, sick and healthy, on the basis of each quarter of the civilized world, and on this experience I base my statements.”

Jung came to the conclusion that from childhood to middle age, we create a “Persona” or ego for ourselves which we want to be seen by the others, but on the other hand, we also create a “shadow” containing failure or unacceptable performances. Those parts of ourselves, we prefer not consciously recognized by others. According to him, these two parts are created together and should balance each other out. No one can exist without the other.

He saw that all of nature lives in the polarity of light and dark, and the same basic law applies to our psychological nature. Insist on being a “good” or a saint, as a failure to see and understand our true nature.

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