Sea Facts

Sea is a large body of salt water, which is surrounded completely or partially from the ground. In more general terms, “Sea” is an interconnected system of salty ocean water which is considered to be the world’s oceans as the Earth or in several major oceanic divisions. Sea moderates the Earth’s climate, and plays an important role in the water cycle, nitrogen cycle and carbon cycle.

Although the sea has travelled and explored since prehistory, the modern scientific study of marine oceanography dates widely to the British Challenger expedition of 1870. The sea is divided into five large ocean areas, including these four oceans IHO and the Southern Ocean; smaller second portions of lines, such as the Mediterranean, known as the sea.

Due to the current state of continental drift, in the northern hemisphere is now fairly equally between land and sea, but mainly in the south of the ocean. Salinity in the open ocean, lies usually in a narrow range of about 3.5% by weight, although this may vary more access to the sea waters near large rivers or deep. About 85% of dry matter in the sea is sodium chloride.

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