Saturn Science Facts

Mysterious, beautiful Saturn dwells in the cold, dimly lit in outer part of solar system, away from light and heat of the Sun. Most famous for its magnificent ring system, the second largest of the gas giant planets in the world living in our Sun’s family, after Jupiter.

Planets are usually cool as they age, but Saturn is much warmer than astrophysicists believe that it should be, without any other energy source, and it is mysterious, confusing and unexplained fever which led to two billion years of failure of computer models of the true age estimation of Saturn.

In June 2015, a group of astrophysicists experiments in Sandia Z-machine announced that they may have helped to solve this intriguing mystery, when they checked untested 80-year-old, they claimed that molecular hydrogen is usually an insulator which becomes a metal at a sufficient pressure when pressed. At this point, an array of hydrogen molecules will break down into individual hydrogen atoms.

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