Sailing Fun Facts You Don’t Know About

Are you new to sailing and interesting to hear more about the sport? Or maybe a seasoned veteran looking for sailing, here are some interesting facts about the sailing that are worth sharing with your friends:

1. Sailing still has the longest winning streak in sports history! New York Yacht Club successfully held the America’s Cup for 132 years from 1851 to 1983, when it was finally defeated challenger Australia II.

2. Some of the most popular sailing ships in the world as some of the less! Laser Light, one 14-foot sailboat, is a globally accepted youth coach and boat one-design race boat. More than 200,000 boats were produced and 122 registered in different countries.

3. As of November 2012, the highest speed sailing record of 65.45 knots, or more than 75 miles per hour! Paul Larsen of Australia set the record with a specially designed Sailrocket 2 in a fresh Namibian waters.

4. Jessica was born on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, so the sea wss in her veins from an early age.

5. From the back of the boat forward, the left side of the boat is Port, the right part of the boat is Starboard.

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