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Rowing is one of the oldest sports in existence is a part of the Olympics since 1900. In addition to its age, rowing is another remarkable characteristic, which is different from other sports, activities or fitness regimes. Rowing is one of the few forms of exercise, it is an activity that does not affect the still exercise all the major muscle groups.

What is the Olympic Rowing?

Rowing is one of the oldest sporting competitions in team history. Originally created as a means of transport, other benefits that can be found in rowing were celebrated for centuries. Rowing actually schedule the event for the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, but bad weather prevented it being questioned. Olympic rowing debut at the Summer Olympics in 1900 in Paris.


Sculling is a completely different sport from paddling a canoeing or kayaking. It is also not the same as a row boat. Sculling, which is part of the genre of rowing requires balance, timing, coordination and endurance.

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