Life in a Prison

Life in prison has changed dramatically over the past twenty-five years. In 1986, mandatory minimums for drug offences have been introduced into the law. Orders on overall prices have increased, although the prison funding has not risen consistently and the crime rate has decreased. Prisons are overcrowded, the availability of educational programs is reduced because of the financial crises and ill-treatment of prisoners is increasing.

Prisons are marked as state or federal. In general, life in a federal prison is better than life in state prison. Federal prisons have more white-collar workers and less violent criminals so they are less dangerous. Federal prisons have better funding and, as a rule, have better housing. In the past, there was less crowding; Nevertheless, even the federal prisons are facing overcrowding and violence is also increasing.

Federal correctional system has four levels of inmates and facilities. Federal prison camp, or minimum security tool is similar to a college dorm. No bars on the windows and the movement is not limited within the camp. In some cases, there is no fence and the prisoners leave the camp even if they chose.

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