US President Barack Obama to Join Hillary Clinton Campaign

US President Barack Obama will make his debut campaign for presumptive Democratic US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in North Carolina next week, they will jointly appear on election rally in 2016.

barack obama and hillary clinton

Clinton rally in Charlotte, North Carolina on July 5 will be the first time that Obama will campaign for former US Secretary of State as she announced her run for the White House, and which seeks to replace him in the White House.

Obama endorsed Clinton for president earlier this month. “In Charlotte, President Obama and Hillary Clinton will discuss the construction of the progress we have made and the vision of America that is stronger together,” he told in Clinton Campaign in a statement.

Obama narrowly won North Carolina in 2008, but lost the state in 2012 to the Republican candidate Mitt Romney. The Democrats held their national convention in Charlotte in 2012.

Obama is likely to come into full-fledged election mode in support of Clinton in the coming weeks.

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