Popcorn One of the Best Crunchy Food

Popcorn is a very amazing and delicious food. It is very interesting, and have always been enjoyed its exciting pop tune, as well as its delicious and varied taste. Popcorn pops unlike anything seen in other foods. Its own goodness is an another great miracle of this popular snack.

Popcorn has a unique design. The inner core of popcorn is a small amount of water. Water content of popcorn differs popcorn from other maize varieties. The water is the one that makes the popcorn pop. Water heats up when the kernel is heated. It is converted into steam, which puts pressure on the exterior of the kernel. Ultimately, the outside can not withstand the pressure and it pops out.

When it pops the insides of the kernel explode outward. The Contact with the air makes blast freezing and thus creates popcorn. Without the required amount of moisture or the uniform heating of the kernel it will not pop.

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