Pigeon Fun Facts

Birds are a source of entertainment for us. They fly in the air, they have bright colors that attract us towards them, and they produce different sounds that make our surroundings beautiful. Birds have many adaptations that allows them to survive in different habitats.

They are cosmopolitan and are also helpful for people in many ways. Pigeon is one such bird that is not only beautiful in its appearance, but also a symbol of peace. Pigeon refers to the type Chordata and Aves class. Columbidae is its family. Pigeons and doves are responsible for the including columbidae in the order of Columbiformes family.

There are about 300 species of passerines are known. Roughly speaking, the doves and pigeons are used together to describe each of the birds. Pigeon is present all over the world, but the largest species are found in the Indomalaya ecozones and in Australia. Young pigeons are called squabs.

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