Pegasus Most Beautiful Winged Horse

Pegasus is a winged horse from Greek mythology. The horse is usually white, beautiful and a symbol of strength, inspiration and flight. It was born from the blood of Medusa when she was slain by Perseus with the magic sword. Poseidon was the god of earth who was the father of Pegasus. ”

Poseidon becomes fascinated by the Medusa, he seduced her in the Temple of Athena. Therefore, Athena was furious and she took her anger out on Medusa. She was so angry that she turned the girl into a Gorgon, a terrifying female creature with hair of poisonous snakes and whose gaze will turn a man to stone.

King Polydetes fell in love with Danae one day who had a young son whose name was Persues. Persues tried to protect her mother, who didn’t want to marry the king, but had little success.

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