Peacock The Most Beautiful Good Looking Bird

Peafowl or Peacock is one of the most good looking, beautiful and colorful creatures in the world. Their bright and colorful feathers make them a pet bird in many cultures. The stunning beauty of the peacock feather has captivated people for a long time.

Peacock feathers are easy to collect, because they lose them every year during the moulting season. In different cultures, peacock feathers symbolize different things. Despite the fact that they are often associated with pride, they can also symbolize good or bad luck.

In popular Greek mythology, the peacock is associated with Hera. Legend has it that the peacock was created by The Argus, a giant who had hundreds of eyes. It is believed that Hera moved the eyes of Argus on the peacock’s tail, so she could keep an eye on her unfaithful husband.

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