Unknown Ostrich Facts

The ostrich is the largest living bird. Adult males are 8 feet tall and weigh more than 300 kg; but hens weigh little less. Six geographic rates differ very little in size, color of the skin of bare thighs, head and neck, as well as the size and structure of their eggs. They are all members of one species, the only representative of its goal. Until recently, the Ostrich is varied from the Arabian deserts of the Sahara to the southward across Africa.

Ostrich family is ancient. There are five known fossil species, the oldest of the early Tertiary is about 50 – 60 million years ago. These ancient ostriches are busy in the southern part of Europe and Asia and Africa, and have lived as far north as the Mongolian desert. Civilization push their descendants in the wildest parts of their former range.

Arabian ostrich, is probably the last one reported killed and eaten by the Arabs in Saudi Arabia during the Second World War. Ostriches, which previously lived in Egypt, Nubia and the South African desert almost disappeared. Most wild birds survive in the dry central Africa, where they still roam in protected national parks.

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