Orange Facts

Oranges have incredible weight loss benefits, in this article you can learn how to prepare oranges the best and how much you need to eat to get the maximum benefit from oranges – one of the most amazing fat burning natural fruit.

In fact, orange and tangerine are a kind of berries. Oranges grow on trees. They are cut into fruits. These cut down sections are called carpels. Each pestle contains pulp, juice and seeds. The peel is the leather-like feel and contains sebaceous glands. The orange tree is an evergreen that sport fragrant white flowers and shiny oval leaves.

These days, the oranges are the largest citrus crop in the world, and most of them come from Brazil.

In the United States, most of the oranges produced in Florida and California. In fact, nearly 25 billion lire of these fruits come from these 2 countries each year. Oranges are grown in Texas and Arizona, too.

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