Onion Facts

Most distinctly pungent smell and taste of onion rounds outs the tastes in almost any type of cuisine. For many centuries, onions have added value to our cuisine and also thought of possessing healing therapeutic properties.

The word onion comes from the Latin word “Unio” because the onion produces a single bulb. The name also implies many individual union of concentric layers of an onion. Onion came from Asia and the Middle East, is believed to have been cultured for more than five thousand years old, they are highly valued by the ancient Egyptians.

Ancient Egyptians often used them as currency to pay for the workers who built the pyramids, and put them in the tombs of the Kings (Tutankhamen), so that the kings could wear them as gifts in life after death.

In India in the 6th century, it has been used as a medicine. The ancient Greeks and Romans often added onion’s extra spice in their cooking, because they did not find them enough spicy.

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