Things You Don’t Know About Mermaid

The official explanation for the mermaid myth goes like this. Sailors see manatees, walruses and seals, and confuse them for women with a fish tail. It is said that even well-known explorers like Christopher Columbus and Henry Hudson made this mistake because they also reported that they had seen these creatures. As John Smith, who became governor of the colony of Virginia in the early 17th century.

In order to explain the apparent confusion some people have shown that the female vagina sea cows is very similar to that of human females. Maybe they have had sex with manatees and to cover up the act of sodomy, they claimed that had intercourse with a mermaid.

The problem is that there are thousands of stories about shepherds who have sex with sheep, and they certainly did not invent a mythical creature to hide this act. They just keep quiet about it. Another explanation suggests that sailors on long sea voyages without female company become so hungry that anything remotely resembling a woman in the sea becomes a “mermaid”.

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