Mango: The King of The Fruits

The tropical climate, with long dry season suits mango, although there have been isolated cases of fruit grown successfully in Europe. This is a seasonal fruit that is believed to originate from sub-Himalayas. Some documents indicate that the mango was about 4000 years ago or more.

By all means it deserves the title of “King of Fruits”. Mango is a nutritionally rich fruit with a lot of taste, flavor, sweetness levels and texture, which aims to capture the taste buds of even the most fastidious taste and famous seekers. The taste is pleasant and rich: a fruity sweet taste, but high water content provides a balancing act. The quality of mango fruit has sweetness and softness with a good balance of water and fiber.

With such versatility, mango is the perfect complement to fruit creams, raw cream, yogurt, walnuts, raw desserts, raw chocolate, fruit and other salads as well as smoothies, cereals and smoothies.

Mango images gallery

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