Magnolia The Most Early Spring Flower

Magnolia is one of the most welcome arrivals after attending the garden in early spring. Its large felt covered buds open from late April to early May, providing a welcome color to its globular flowers. Magnolia trees can be placed in any size garden. They may be small and delicate, with about three meters of height and grow to impressive sizes up to twenty meters.

Here is a brief guide to magnolias growing and caring for them, as well as some stunning varieties for your garden. The first magnolia tree is known to have been carried out in the UK which came from America in the late 17th century.

Magnolia virginiana was brought from Virginia British botanist John Bannister for plants loving bishop, Henry Compton. Nevertheless, it was Victorian plant lovers George Forrest and Ernest Henry Wilson, who is responsible for administering most magnolias grown in the country today, brought back from the Far East in the late 19th century.

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