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Lyanna Stark was the younger sister of Lord Eddard Stark and was betrothed with a childhood friend of Ned Stark, Robert Baratheon. Her abduction by Rhaegar Targaryen was a case that eventually led to Robert’s Rebellion and led to the fall of the dynasty Targaryen. She plays Cordelia Hill during the 6th season of retrospection for the Game of Thrones TV adaptation.

Lyanna Stark was born in 266 AC or 267 AC and died In 283 AC, at Tower of Joy. The character of Lyanna Stark played by Cordelia Hill.

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Lyanna described it as beautiful. Her brother Ned Eddard Stark refers to her as an older brother Brandon as a “wolf blood” – a stubborn, willful, bold and explosive. He goes on to compare it with the tomboyish daughter Arya appearance and personality, adding that, probably, Lyanna carry a sword, if the father had to allowed it. She was also an experienced rider. Lyanna loved the smell of winter roses.

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