Relationship Can Only be Stand on Love

If there is any word in this world, which has lost its place in the relationship, it is love. The world is replaced by love from all people, money, career, sex things, feelings, etc. The saddest thing about this it, the replacements has to crept their way to church.

Most relationships between people of God is now a reflection of what is in the world, and not just a copy of what is in the Word. Love itself has not changed. It is built entirely of your actions, what you do, what you give, every act of kindness.

Love is verified by acts of kindness. It has not lost its luster, its purpose, its unit or task. It has and will always do what it was originally designed to do. In order to get the full manifestation of this, we must give up our own selfishness, inconsiderate and insensitive perception and definition of love and we should know the real true meaning of it. The Bible defines love as God.

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