The Importance of Light in Photography

Lighting plays an important role in the field of photography. It can bring a picture of life, it can generate effects, including shadows, or silhouettes, or it may have a more pronounced negative effect, creating unwanted glare and reflections.

Hard Light produces well-defined shadows which are usually derived from a single light source, usually small or located far away. In contrast, when the soft light is emitted soft shadows are produced or no shadows at all. It can be generated by using multiple light sources, through a light diffuser by means of a barrier or by reflection from different surfaces, so that the subject is achieved from different angles.

Under natural lighting conditions, hard light is produced on a sunny day with little or no cloud cover, and when the sun is high in the sky – something that, as a rule, should be avoided, especially for beginners. Shooting at a different time, for example, cloudy days, hazy conditions, or even in the presence of air pollution, will produce a soft light as sunlight is reflected or scattered by particles in the air.

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