Leopard The Most Beautiful Predator of All Big Cats

The most beautiful of all the big cats, the elusive leopard is also the most experienced. A wonderful opportunistic hunter and predator, the leopard hunts which others do not and lives where no one else can. With a wide geographical distribution, leopard lives everywhere but can still be seen almost nowhere due to its higher Stealth and cunning.

The smallest of the four big cats of the Panthera genus, leopard – Panthera Pardus, has a weight of 80-150 kg for males and 65-100 kg for females, to be a subspecies of the variation. The word leopard reflects the expected evolutionary origin of the big cat, original belief is that it is a hybrid between a lion (Leo) and Panther (Leopard).

However, it has a very closer resemblance to the Jaguar, leopard is less chunky and its outlet ridge is marking smaller, more numerous and have no interior spots. The rosettes also distinguish it from the cheetah spots. Plus leopard is a gifted tree climber and hunter night while Cheetah prefers the less competitive the day of his kills.

Leopard images gallery

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