Benefits of Eating Lasagne

Lasagna is a tasty comfort food for many people having heart noodles, rich cheese, fragrant tomato sauce, and a variety of vegetables or meat. Although specific nutrient content depends on lasagna ingredients that are used most lasagne many nutrients in general.

One of the nutrients contained in the lasagne are carbohydrates – sugar and starch. Carbohydrates provide energy for your cells, helps to nourish your daily functions. Most of the carbohydrates in your lasagna noodles, probably come from – 2 ounces of white lasagna noodles contains about 40 grams of carbohydrates. In order to determine the specific content of carbohydrates from your brand of lasagna noodles, check the label on foods. A small amount of carbohydrate comes from the tomato sauce in your recipe, and from any vegetables that turn.

Lasagna – especially a meat lasagna is also a source of dietary protein and fat. Your body breaks down protein into amino acids, and then uses these amino acids to maintain healthy tissues throughout the body. Although the amount of protein in your lasagna will vary depending on how much meat and cheese you use your recipe, every ounce of meat and mozzarella adds 7.3 grams and 6.8 grams of protein per your lasagna, respectively. However, minced meat and mozzarella also provide rich sources of saturated fats in order to limit their use in your lasagna.

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