Ultimate Tips to Raise Your Kitten

When the mother of the kitten has died or abandoned him, the kitten may need a hand raising. In wild cats, the reason for them being taken away is may be for taming. Kittens should be taken away from their mother only after 6 weeks of age, if possible. It is about four weeks for taming wild kittens, because it becomes more difficult to tame as they get older.

For the presence of antibodies and nutrition, young kittens need their mother’s milk so it is better that the mother is there to feed her kittens as long as possible. Passive immunity usually lasts as long as the kittens are of 6-14 weeks. The orphans are the most vulnerable to the diseases because they do not have such protection.

Orphans need a foster mother cat to have a good chance of survival. Cats feeds kittens other than their own.

If you have found an abandoned kitten, the first thing you need to do is to protect him from the cold. Put it under a blanket or in close proximity to the skin for warmth. Young kitten’s energy is necessary for growth and yelling for more food, so there is not much left for the production of thermal energy.

Take your kitten to the vet if it is possible, the overall condition should be checked. Without the mother cat can become dehydrated very quickly and may need fluid under the skin. A sign of dehydration in a kitten when it has a much less energy and the appetite. This is probably due to a lack of liquid or diarrhea. The veterinarian may have a lot of advice on hand raising kittens and needed supplies, so do not skip this step.

Be very careful not to force feed the kitten, when using the eyedropper. Let the liquid suck at their own pace, so it does not fill his lungs with milk and cause pneumonia. Bottle method is best when he is old enough to suck.

Kittens fed must every 3 to 4 hours and the milk to be heated to body temperature. For the recommended quantities for feedings, check the package. The number of daily feedings, he should receive is determined by the age of the kitten.

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