What is the Purpose of Joy in Our Life?

I think that the feeling of pleasure can be cultivated, nurtured and expanded, regardless of the starting point. As a psychotherapist, I had a particular interest in the study of flowering fields of Joy over the last two years. There is an area of research in psychology called positive psychology, which considers all the factors that lead to positive emotional states, such as joy, satisfaction, fulfillment, etc.

Joy and happiness are not the same thing. If you meet someone who has found joy will probably be more likely to describe them as great, than it would be to describe them as happy, in fact. Pope Francis is an example of a joyful man.

Joy comes from within you, when you know that you have enough believe life has a purpose and abandon attempts to control the results which are not under your control (usually because you have faith in something greater than yourself). Joyful people are confident, cool, giving, brave and authentic. Their life is determined by the sense of abundance and thanksgiving.

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