Evolution of Joker

A recent story of Batman caused this reaction so philosophically rich due to the character of the Joker. The recent Batman film is something not done before. This film is relentlessly dark and hard; This film has consistently adhere to dark grays everywhere.

If we expect the usual hero of the film, where all the characters escape unharmed then be prepared for the disappointment that it will not be like before. This time our heroes are battered, bruised and nearly broken, if not dead, thanks to the joker.

It is psychologically hard film, and it is borrowing from silence of the lambs is so obvious, but it’s still worth watching, as the same elements in silence reproduce and apply to our iconic characters Batman and the Joker as a result of the huge success, joker viciously lets it all out, much to the concern of Batman and all the good law Abiding Gotham citizens.

There were many different looks of Joker we have seen since its first appearance around 75 years ago, the most iconic villains of DC Comics. HalloweenCostumes.com brought us the history and evolution of the Joker in an infographic style which you may surely like it. Joker always drew attention to us by its most famous appearance in comics, television, cinema and the history of the character. Click here to see the Evolution of Joker.

Joker images gallery

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