Why People Love Jeep Car

Jeep is a versatile car that is capable of traversing over rough terrain. The first prototype jeep was developed by the Department of the Army for the purpose of personnel and supplies. Later, Ford and Willys-Overland produced two more jeep prototypes. Eventually, Ford and Willy’s-Overland introduced the first mass production of SUVs.

The origin of the word jeep is still a mystery, however, people believe that the word comes from the phonetically slurred pronunciation “GP” or general purpose vehicle. The name of this versatile vehicle came from a character in the comic of strip Thimble Theatre comic strip Popeye, known as Eugene the Jeep as some people believe. Eugene the Jeep, a sign that can fly, climb trees, pass through ceilings and walls and can go anywhere it wanted.

Early Americans believe that the soldiers were so impressed by the flexibility of the jeep, they called them the prototype of the hero comics. After production of the first prototype jeep and a second set of prototypes and SUV from Ford Willys-Overland, Willys-Overland Motor Company is going to produce the first mass production of Jeeps in Toledo, Ohio.

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