All You Need to Know About Ice Removal From Highways

Every winter, the task of snow and ice removal from our roads, highways, parking lots and sidewalks is made with ice melter and plow/shovel. Ice melters come in both liquid and solid form and can be called by other names such as “ice melt”, “chemical melting ice”, “deicer” and so on.

To obtain a product to melt the ice, it should be in a water solution. This solution is called “brine”. The sooner it becomes brine, the more quickly it began to melt the ice. Since the liquid ice melts are already brine, they are fast. Many highway system across the country distribute the liquid form before the arrival of a large storm, to prevent the formation of ice on our roads.

This process is referred to de-icing, and is called anti-icing. Although the liquid ice melting products are fast, they are more difficult to handle and store due to the weight of water in the brine tank and require special holding tanks. Since most users do not have the resources to work with the form of liquid, solid ice melting are by far the most commonly used by individuals and small contractors to remove snow/ice.

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