Hillary Clinton Becomes First Women as Candidate for US President

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Breaking the historical barrier, Hillary Clinton triumphantly captured the Democratic nomination for president on Tuesday night, the first woman to lead a major political party in the race for the White House.

Delegates erupted in cheers as Clinton’s chief rival, Bernie Sanders, helped to make it official when the call is to roll his native state of Vermont – an important demonstration of the unity of the party trying to heal the deep divisions.

“I move that Hillary Clinton be elected as the candidate of the Democratic Party for the post of President of the United States,” said Sanders.

It was a striking parallel with the Clinton role played eight years ago when she came to the microphone on the conference floor in Denver in support of her former rival Barack Obama.

At this time, Clinton broke the glass ceiling, she may couldn’t crack in 2008, and in November, she will take Donald Trump, the congress of the Republican Party put forward last week in Cleveland.

The second night of the Democratic Convention featured former President Bill Clinton, who takes to the stage to put a personal validation to his wife. Former presidents often indicate their potential successors, but never before a candidate has also been a souse.

Among those who support the Democrats’ promises were “mother movement” – a few black women whose children have been victims of violent gun. Clinton met privately with mothers and held events with them, and they became the emotional strength for her campaign.

“Hillary Clinton has a passion and understanding to support the grieving mother,” said Sybrina Fulton, whose son Trayvon Martin was killed in 2012. “She has the courage to fight for the gun laws for commonsense.”

Bill Clinton had the spotlight on Tuesday night. The former president is often in favor of his wife during the race to the White House, but mostly in small towns and villages, part of a campaign effort to keep him in the role behind the roles.

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