Things You Didn’t Know About Hell

Family of three categories, we are talking about in this treatise, heaven, hell and purgatory, the most terrible thing, and the one we do not really want to hear about Hell! Satan is working overtime in this century denied his existence, and more, than the reality of the place where the damned will be punished for their sinful way of life on earth, thrown into the raging fires, demons, who take them for eternity.

Hell is mentioned 146 times in the Bible. If we add Gehenna to the line, it is even twelve times more. So I think they had a good reputation when it comes to the existence of hell.

In recent years, dissident theologians were dismissed hell term and its concept. But the Catholic catechism has not a problem addressing hell its whole name, or by definition. It states: “To die without repenting in mortal sin and accept God’s merciful love means by our own free choice, we remain separated from him for ever. Hell is this state of definitive self-exclusion communion with God and the blessed.

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