Hawk Species: Red Tailed Hawk Facts

The most common hawk in North America is the Red Tailed Hawk. It soars over the open countryside in search of its prey or perch in the tree at the end of a field or meadow. With its sharp eyes peeled, it looks for the slightest movement of signaling the presence of prey.

Red Tail Hawk is a large bird measuring from 18 to 25 cm in length and has a wingspan of 37 to 52 inches. Its back, head and neck are reddish-brown, but the breast and belly are white with brown stripes. Both adults and immature birds have noticeably brown stripes on the abdomen, which can be seen from a distance.

When sitting, the color of the wings are fused to the rear, but when in flight, pale underside is exposed. Wings have dark band at the forefront and dark tips. A tail is reddish-brown or rust colored with pink top and bottom. Legs and feet are yellow.

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