Meaning of Happiness in Our Life

Happiness has no definitive meaning. It means different things to different people. Few argued with small moments of happiness and few believe that happiness is a way of life. Everyone wants to be happy, but ironically, most of them do not know what makes them happy. Happiness is more like a mental or emotional state of mind that you have, which tells us that you are happy if you feel good. This is an unspecified concept and vague.

A “comfortable life” of man is associated to be happiness for a man. When a person has a successful career, an enviable house, a beautiful wife, wonderful children and enough money, he is considered one happier than others. But, in fact, it can not be a happy man, because; he finds his happiness in this journey.

Happiness is defined in the online dictionary of Merriam-Webster, as a phase of pleasure or satisfaction with the experience and contentment and well-being. Previous definition speak of true happiness, and then for small moments of joy. Even an unhappy man feel latter. True happiness can be explained as a phase of mind where you are not satisfied with blindly irrational desires, to feel joy, without any guilt.

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