Our Hands Are the Most Important to Create Art and Craft

The fascination to our ancient ancestors have never been lost by human hands, and even now, in humanities, our hands play a very important role with their dexterity and grace never cease to amaze us. The most remarkable performance of the Chopin piece or Objet d’art carefully hand-crafted by a master hand.

They constantly evoke a sense of joy and wonder in us. The Spirit within us responds positively to the beauty, harmony and symmetry of sound and form as manifested by nature and human hands. Freedom of choice is a god’s gift to a man and the will to carry out that choice.

On the physical level, hands are instruments of that will and divine blessing and became a symbol of a Man, or Adam; the only creatures on the evolutionary level of man are entitled to determine their own destiny. It is said that even the angels have this freedom of choice, for their nature compels them to keep the law of God.

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