Gymnastics Helps You to Develop Your Body

Gymnastics is the practice exercise for the development of the body, especially those exercises performed with the device, such as rings, bracelets horses, bars and balance beam. Although gymnastics is probably practiced in ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures, the roots of Western culture lie in ancient Greece, the conclusion from the Greek word gymnazein, which literally means “to train naked” (gymnos: naked).

The early Greeks practiced gymnastics in preparation for war as jumping, running, discus throwing, wrestling, boxing, and helped to create a strong, flexible muscles needed for hand to hand combat. Since the military training is needed for the production of Greek citizens, as the Greeks considered the training of body and mind as inextricably linked, gymnastics has become a major component of the ancient education.

High school building open areas where such training took place turned into a school where young people learn gymnastics, rhetoric, music and mathematics. Gymnastics also provided a method for the preparation of sports festivals around Greece, the most famous of which is the Olympic Games, held every four years from 776 BC to 393 CE.

With the end of the Olympic Games, the Greek-style training exercises refusal should not revive until the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in Western Europe. With this revival came concomitant revival of tangible assets related to gymnastics, upper body strength, muscle elasticity, harmony, flexibility, relaxation and balance. At the heart of the re-emergence of the gymnastic training is the same assumption belongs to the Greeks that a healthy body and a healthy mind are closely connected.

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