A Great Hope for Girls for Brighter Future

There can be great hope for girls in terms of a brighter future, if we can deal with one of the biggest problems of human existence, that is, problem of gender discrimination and bias. Only the equality of gender with a total participation of women can provide a safe and secure future for the girls.

When women are healthy, educated and free to take advantage of life, they thrive. When women thrive in the life of the family in turn flourishes and prosperous families with assertive women who are responsible for ensuring a bright future for the girl.

Children who are the future wealth of the nation can prosper and develop only when the women in the family and society is healthy, educated and independent in making informed decisions about their lives. But the situation is far from ideal. Women face enormous difficulties and marginalization due to gender discrimination and bias.

Child Girl Labour

Child labour is one of the main reasons why children do not attend school and spend their precious childhood. Child girl often becomes a victim of child labour in her own home, in the sense that it is in a position in which it is taking care of all the household chores from a very early age. This limits any chance of an education.

In many cases, she was also forced to contribute to the basic means of family income. So no, it did not end as child labour outside the home or participates in the management of family and becomes a hidden child labour. Elimination of child labour often requires innovative profitable ideas for parents who rely on their children for income. Economic development, training and loans to help parents give their children freedom to enjoy their childhood and finish their education without exploitation.

Elimination of child labour in any form of the above is possible only if we can make a family unit economically viable, and to teach them extra to keep their girls in school.

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