You Might Have Problem if You Smell Gas in Your Home!

If you smell gas in your house, then you might have a problem. You probably have a gas leak. I do not mean gasoline here, but I would guess that if it smells like gasoline inside the living space of your home, you may want to consider parking your car on the street or in the garage. Seriously, though, the smell of gas in your home is not funny.

Gas is used as fuel to run many different systems in modern homes. The gas is most commonly used in systems that are heated in the home, such as boilers and furnaces. Gas water heaters are very common. It can be used as fuel for cooking, as well as with chains or plates, fireplace, to provide heat or decoration, and for other purposes, such as clothes dryers.

Eventually, an efficient fuel and is readily available in one form or another in most geographical locations. Two types are common gases are used which are residential natural gas and liquid propane (LP) gas. Each of them has its own characteristics, and each is unique in several ways.

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