Elf Warrior of Tirannwn and Lletya in RuneScape

Elf warriors can be found in the parts of Tirannwn and Lletya in RuneScape online video game. They are actively involved in the process of regicide. They sometimes kill a Slayer task or to obtain a teleport crystals, which provide fast teleportation to Lletya. Elves have a high degree of safety and a great weapon – at the level of 108 soldiers with halberds crystals, while level 90 warriors used bows of crystal.

High Prayer boosting armour (eg for beginners), and activating the “Protection from Melee” prayer is recommended to kill them. Players have access to Lletya which can easily recharge their prayer at the nearby altar with a few minutes of struggle.

Killing elves in Lletya is more convenient than to kill those who are in the camp of elves, as there is a nearby bank and the altar, which is upstairs in the house where Arianwyn is located.

Elf Warrior images gallery

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