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It may be necessary to draw people, during your class at school or just when you draw casually. Even for students who want to appear in a variety of drawing exams, it becomes extremely important to learn how to draw people. However, most children and even elders find it very difficult to do the most simple things such as drawing people. Most people believe that it can be very difficult to draw people, and besides, they think this is a very time consuming activity.

If you are enthusiastic about drawing people, the first thing to do is to get all the equipment and tools that will be needed for this purpose. The list of equipment will consist of pencils, drawing paper, pencil sharpener, eraser and colors, preferably crayon.

Men Drawing
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Step by Step on How to Draw Men Drawing

Firstly, it is important to learn how to make the faces of children and adults. First, draw a circle or an oval. Keep the proportions of the face to the person’s age – a little human baby littler and larger one for elder. Then draw the pair of semicircles on both sides of the circumference in order to create the ears. In order to make the eyebrows, draw horizontal lines of the same size. Then, the eyes are drawn by using a pair of curved lines that meet at the ends. It takes a bit of practice to learn a different design pattern.

The nose may be created by drawing a horizontal line bent down in the form of C shape. Once the lips are drawn a slightly shading gives the place where the lower lip is stopped. Another important aspect to learn how to draw people is to create a hairstyle. First, you can learn by practicing to draw hairstyles for men and women, based on the photos. Additionally, you can find out by trying their hands at cartoon drawing, where hairstyles are more general in nature and not as thorough as in the original human beings.

It is equally important to learn how to draw face. Neck of the men should always be thicker than of women. When people learn to know the approach of a human body shape like a rectangle. Arms can be made on both sides of a rectangle by drawing two lines, which are bent to form an elbow, and then stretching further to form arm. Learning to draw people and their hands are pretty simple. However, it is necessary to study hand with five fingers properly and make them proportional to body size.

When it comes to drawing the feet, it is one of the most convenient parts of drawing people. Draw two vertical lines down from the main body, and then they are finished off in the leg fingers. This process is repeated for the second leg as well. This will help you get a basic structure that you want to learn how to draw people.

The easiest way to start learning to draw people in practice to do portraits or practicing with cartoon drawing.

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