Types of Dragons

Descriptions of the dragon begins with a devilish and loathsome to the gentle and soft. Nevertheless, no matter how cunning and cruel or naive and well, one thing remains unchanged in the long history of dragons – they are always depicted as majestic creatures and a force to reckon with.

Legend has it that while all dragons have a choice whether they want to be good or bad, there are some general predisposition based on the type. Modern fantasy dragons are grouped into two main categories – good, solid and bold metallic dragons and evil counterparts, the chromatic dragons.

There are 5 different types of metallic dragons: gold, silver, bronze, brass and copper, each of which differs markedly from the appearance and nature. With large double horns, which are metallic and smooth golden dragon steadfast in its loyalty to abolish evil, and often embark on a self-styled mission to promote the well.

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