Donald Trump Wins 2016 US Presidential Election

Contrary to all odds, polls, and projections, Donald Trump claimed victory in the presidential election Tuesday, speaking at the Hilton Hotel in New York on Tuesday to a cheering crowd of supporters.

Donald Trump

This was an unexpected result for the Republican candidate, who wins not only sort primary field, but even more formidable opponent, Hillary Clinton, who has consistently before him in the polls and in a much stronger position in the electoral map.

Not to mention the fact that Trump is mired in scandals and gaffes in all elections. More than a dozen women accused him of sexual assault after a hot mic tape showed bragging about “grabbing” of female genitals; He made vague allusions linking Obama and Clinton to terrorism groups; He leads a campaign built on wild inaccuracies and vague proposals nonexistent policies; and he campaigned on anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric, garnering even received the support of white nationalists.

Despite all this, however, the Trump managed to strike a chord with the American people as unorthodox candidate without a political background, the sale of a call south border wall, a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants and their strong opposition to trade deals, among other points of his bombastic speak.

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