Donald Trump to Change His Statement of Ban on Muslims

Donald Trump, the presumed Republican candidate, has changed its position on the proposed ban on Muslims who enter the United States, citing that he only wants to prevent from countries with severe terrorism.

Donald Trump 2016

Despite the fact that his former position is a central issue of his campaign, but he described his position on the ban except mass shooting in Orlando on June 12 when a gunman killed 49 people and wounded 53 others.

In an interview with CNN, a spokesman of Trump Hope Hicks says that the New York billionaire continues to block only the Muslim from “terrorist states” not all Muslims. Even Trump said on Saturday that the ban is not ironclad, and that he would consider allowing Muslims from countries with serious terrorist to enter the United States, as long as they are certified by strongly suggesting that the United States is closer to control all the people who They want to enter the country.

Later in an interview with Bloomberg Politics, he also draws attention to the need to ban people from “terrorist countries.”

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